1. Organize Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is a wonderful place for everyone to gather and hang out — after all, it’s full of delicious food and drinks. Perhaps because of this very characteristic, it is also easy for the kitchen to quickly become cluttered and chaotic. If you prefer to have a work space that is clear, clean,…Read More

  2. Declutter Your Living Room

    Perhaps you have found yourself perusing some of the most recent home decor magazines and wanted to try some of the styles that were highlighted. Maybe you were talking with a friend about the interior design ideas they saw on Pinterest and felt inspired yourself. If you have some ideas for how you …Read More

  3. More Fun Activities In High Point

    In our previous post, we focused on fun activities that would be enjoyable for the whole family, as well as outdoor activities. Today, we will look at some of the other unique experiences that you can enjoy during your visit to High Point. Shop High Point wants to make your trip to the Furniture Cap…Read More

  4. Fun Activities In High Point

    When you come to High Point, NC, to take advantage of the talented designers, amazing furniture craftsmanship, and expansive showrooms, you want to make sure that you also spend some time exploring the area! Shop High Point has created a list of a few of the best attractions in the area. Whether you…Read More

  5. The Five Best Restaurants in High Point

    When you come to look at living room furniture in High Point, you will want to take your time and make sure that you discuss all your style ideas and goals with your designer. While the primary focus of your visit will be to work with industry professionals that you connect with through Shop High Po…Read More

  6. Identify Your Design Style

    Decorating a room can be challenging when you are not sure of your individual design style. Shop High Point puts you in touch with the top professionals in the furniture and design industry. Whether you are trying to choose the right living room furniture, or find pieces to bring the room together, …Read More

  7. How to Help Your Designer Meet Your Needs

    Designers love to design. When you hire a designer to create the living room you want, they want to help you achieve your goal. Whether you have very specific plans in mind, or you simply have an overall “feel” that you want your room to have, we have some helpful guides for making your designer…Read More

  8. Basic Design Principles Make Your Home Unique

    If you’re like most people, you can walk through showrooms or browse through home magazines and immediately identify what you like or don’t like about the design of the living room furniture. When it comes to applying those designs to your own living room though, you suddenly seem to hit a wall …Read More

  9. Design Ideas for Coffee Tables

    The coffee table has been elevated to a higher status in today’s design world. No longer are coffee tables simply rectangular wooden constructions. They are now made from every conceivable type of material, and molded into shapes that some of us never could have fathomed. From their humble beginni…Read More