Designers love to design. When you hire a designer to create the living room you want, they want to help you achieve your goal. Whether you have very specific plans in mind, or you simply have an overall “feel” that you want your room to have, we have some helpful guides for making your designer’s job easier. Continue reading to learn how you can help them, help you. Shop High Point provides access to the industry’s top professionals, as well as the best living room furniture on the market. Contact us today and learn how we can help.

First Date Questions

When you meet with your designer for the first time you should keep in mind that, in many ways, this is like a first date. There is a lot about your home and your family that they will need to learn so that they can make sure their design plans will serve the needs of your family. Tell them how many people will be in the home on a regular basis, and who they are. For example, a family with two elementary age kids will need much different functionality from their home than a family with no children. Make sure you also cover whether or not you have pets, and what type of pets you have. Depending on your furry family members, your designer can make sure that they choose materials for your living room furniture that are scratch- and water-resistant.

Style Preferences

Spend some time considering what your style is. Do you prefer textures like wood, marble, or concrete? Do you think that natural materials like straw or jute are beautiful? Do you need to consult with a Feng Shui master to ensure that all design ideas are in harmony with these considerations? The more specific guidelines you can provide for your designer, the easier you make their job. Do your best to not make them play 20 Questions with you as they try to understand your sense of style for your home.

Budget Specifications

Make sure that you decide beforehand what your financial limits are for this project. It will make your conversation easier if you can decide your absolute limit beforehand. Your designer does not know the financial constraints for this job, so make sure that you are clear about the boundaries. Starting a discussion with a clear outline for your budget will allow your designer to immediately identify materials that should be considered, as well as prioritize elements that will fit within your budget while completing the design.


Timing is everything, and that includes re-designing your space. If you want to have everything finished within two months, but do not communicate this with your designer, you might be disappointed when you realize that the design plan will take twice as long. Make sure to discuss not only what you want to see in the space, but also ask for a realistic timeline for everything to be accomplished. Taking time to discuss the timeline will ensure that you are both on the same page, and that you will be happy with the results. 

Specific Requirements

As you prepare for your meeting with your designer, make sure to think about other specific requirements you may have that they need to know about. For example, do you entertain frequently? Do you have hobbies or collectibles that you would like to display? Do you need plenty of hidden storage for games and movies? The more information that you can provide for your designer, the more they will be able to create a home unique to your family.

Shop High Point provides access both to the best living room furniture in the Furniture Capital of the World, and the top professionals in the industry. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create the home of your dreams.