The coffee table has been elevated to a higher status in today’s design world. No longer are coffee tables simply rectangular wooden constructions. They are now made from every conceivable type of material, and molded into shapes that some of us never could have fathomed. From their humble beginnings, coffee tables now take center stage in your living room and demand attention. The question becomes, of course, how best to design what you place on them? Today, we will discuss some fabulous design ideas that you can try with your coffee table. When you’re done reading, make sure to contact Shop High Point and learn how we can help.


No matter what your style is, you are sure to find a tray that will blend nicely in your living room. The purpose of a tray on a coffee table is to provide a subtle way of gathering all the items together so that it looks intentional, rather than messy. Essentially, a tray functions as very chic catchall for the vases and books that you have placed on your coffee table. Whether you need to draw a display of candles or seashells together, consider a chic tray for your coffee table.


Coffee table books should, of course, be placed on your coffee table. One of the best ways to arrange them without creating a cluttered look is to stack them in ascending order of length. In other words, the tallest book should be on the bottom of the stack with the shortest one resting on the top. For added visual interest, place a few delicate items on the top of each stack such as delicate geometric shapes, or small plants.


Nothing brings life into a room quite like greenery. If you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb, don’t worry. There are many silk plants on the market today that look unbelievably realistic. If you choose to place live plants in your living room, make sure that they are plants that appreciate low light so that they will be sure to flourish. For live plants that require less maintenance, succulents are a great choice. If you have a smaller coffee table, consider one simple terrarium or small potted plant so as not to overwhelm the space. 


One of the hardest temptations to resist in design is the temptation to fill all available space. While you may have a number of items that you would like to make sure are displayed, the coffee table is not necessarily the best option. Choose one or two pieces that you would like to highlight and find other homes for the remaining items. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have a much bolder style statement with the focus on just one item.

The best way to design your coffee table doesn’t have to be a mystery. Shop High Point is happy to share some design tips with you that will help you to form some ideas for the look you want in your living room. If you need guidance with other design and style ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and learn how we can help.