Perhaps you have found yourself perusing some of the most recent home decor magazines and wanted to try some of the styles that were highlighted. Maybe you were talking with a friend about the interior design ideas they saw on Pinterest and felt inspired yourself. If you have some ideas for how you would like your space to look, but are not quite sure that you want to do it on your own, then call Shop High Point and let us do the work of bringing your ideas to life. Contact us and schedule your consultation in High Point today.

Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

One of the easiest, and yet worst habits that you can adopt, is to set things down on the flat
surfaces in your living room. When you first walk in the door after a long day, the last thing you probably feel like doing is walking to each of the locations that you need to visit in order to properly put things away. It is more likely that you simply set everything down on the first flat surface available whether that is an entryway table, a coffee table, or even an end table. If you find that this is a hard habit for you to break, then try to think about it this way — putting things away in the right places the first time means that you won’t have to come back later and clean the “mess” that you made.

Unstuff Your Bookcase

If you enjoy reading, then you probably have a good collection of books that you aren’t necessarily willing to part with. If you have so many books that they look as though they were shoved together on the shelves, rather than beautifully displayed, then it is time to take some to your nearest used bookstore or thrift store. Have everyone in the family take some time to go through their own book collections and set a guideline that for every four books that are kept, one needs to be added to the donation pile. This process should help you unstuff your bookcase and create a beautiful display of the remaining books.

Tackle Clutter From Children and Pets

If you have children, or pets, or both, then you know how easily they can create clutter and dirt in any environment. One of the easiest solutions for tackling clutter from kids and pets is to designate certain bins that will hold some of the items that tend to create the most mess. For example, have one bin that is used solely for your pet’s toys, so that they are easily contained in a pretty, decorative bin that blends with the overall design aesthetic in your living room. Another bin can hold all of the artwork, awards, and other papers that your children bring home from school. At the end of the year, you can sit down and select the most valuable pieces to hold onto and purge the rest. 

While the beginning of any decluttering project can feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to, and we hope that the tips we have shared today will help you to find a good starting place to work on creating the living space that you truly want. Contact Shop High Point today and let us help you fulfill the interior design that you want for your home.