If you’re like most people, you can walk through showrooms or browse through home magazines and immediately identify what you like or don’t like about the design of the living room furniture. When it comes to applying those designs to your own living room though, you suddenly seem to hit a wall and aren’t sure how to make those work for the shape of your room, or even the size of furniture pieces that you have. Shop High Point can help you with these questions and problems. Continue reading our post about using basic design principles in your home, and then call us to learn how we can help.

The Rule of Odds

The rule we are referring to has no connection with gambling; rather, it refers to the fact that details and objects that are arranged in odd numbers are visually more appealing and effective than even-number pairings. In addition to odd numbers, try to combine objects that have different heights, shapes, and textures. While you are working to combine differences, however, don’t go so far as to finding yourself with a collection of items that have nothing in common. They do need to have something in common to help tie them together.

Focal Point

Every room has a focal point and you need to identify yours. The focal point is simply the most emphasized feature, or the place where the eye is naturally drawn. Most living rooms share the same focal point, a fireplace. Once you have identified the focal point, you need to work on making sure that everything in the room compliments this point. Living room furniture should be grouped in such a way as to help draw the eye to this point, rather than create visual competition.

Create a Color Scheme

Rooms feel unified when there is an intentional color scheme in place. Decide the color palette that you want your room to have before you start selecting pieces to fill the room. The color palette you choose will also impact the pieces that make up your living room furniture. Depending on the colors you choose, your furniture can be the neutral tones that help the room from being too over-the-top, or they can provide the perfect “pops” of color that infuse life into the room.

Utilize Textiles

The world of textiles can provide the perfect pieces that will add a level of unmatched individuality to your living room. From straw to metal to plastics, the possibilities of design are endless. Natural materials and neutral tones are always in style and add a unique element to your room. So if you are looking for items that you will not have to change with every season or fashion trend, then make sure to check out items made from straw or jute. 

Negative Space

When used correctly, negative space creates a beautiful simplicity. Negative space is the concept of “less is more.” This term refers to any area of a room which is not taken up by an object. You should create negative space intentionally, don’t let it just happen. For example, you might leave an empty space near a decorated item that you want to draw attention to. Be careful that you don’t create negative space that draws all the attention to itself.

Designing your living room can be difficult, and that is where Shop High Point comes in. We can help you choose the living room furniture pieces that will create the look you want. Call us today to speak with one of our specialists on planning the design you want for your home.