The kitchen is a wonderful place for everyone to gather and hang out — after all, it’s full of delicious food and drinks. Perhaps because of this very characteristic, it is also easy for the kitchen to quickly become cluttered and chaotic. If you prefer to have a work space that is clear, clean, and organized, then continue reading to learn some of our tips for organizing your kitchen counters, cabinets, and pantry. Shop High Point wants to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Be sure to contact us today and let us help you plan your trip to the Furniture Capital of the World.

Shower Caddy as Produce Rack

While this may seem like an odd suggestion, follow with us a moment while we explain. When hung in your pantry or on the side of a cabinet, a shower caddy can be the perfect solution for organizing your fresh produce. You may already have a basket with a hook for storing bananas and other fruit, but you don’t want to store too many items in the basket as they will begin to crush one another. Unfortunately, this leads to a basket that looks overly full or produce that takes up precious space on your counter. Using a shower caddy allows you to store other produce in a way that looks intentional and pretty.

Flat, Stackable Containers

When it comes to your kitchen pantry, there are many items that you try to fit into it. One of the best investments you can make is to purchase a set of flat, stackable containers. These are great for storing ingredients such as rice, bread crumbs, sugar, and other items that don’t need to be kept chilled. You can opt for containers that are either clear or come with stickers for labeling, so that you can quickly identify which one you need.

Pot Lid Organizer

The lids that fit the various pans and pots you have can be some of the most frustrating items to store, as they don’t stack or nest. In fact, they can easily slide on top of one another and even fall out on you when you open the cabinet door. An easy solution for this is a lid organizing rack or a drawer. There are long, skinny drawers that can be designed to hold just the lids and will fit easily in your cabinet space. If you prefer, you can also buy a pot lid rack that will fit inside of your pantry door and store them safely and securely out of sight.

Entertaining Bins

While you may work to carefully organize and plan your schedule of events, there are times when impromptu events can send you into a tailspin. If you discover that you have a very short turnaround time for entertaining at your house, then you will want to be sure to create a bin for entertaining in your pantry. This bin is ideal for holding some of the miscellaneous items you might need, such as fast-fix appetizers, napkins, toothpicks, and serving trays. Store these bins on a top shelf since they’re not needed on a regular basis, and you will be all set when your company arrives.

Baking Zone

If you like to bake, then you definitely understand the importance of knowing how low or high your stock is of various ingredients. For example, baking powder might not be used as often as sugar, but if it’s gone when you need it, there aren’t many good substitutes. One great solution is to store all of your dry baking goods in clear containers in the same area in your pantry. For other items such as frosting and mixes, be sure to purchase pantry shelf risers so that these ingredients can also be stacked together in an organized fashion. You will be able to have a clear picture of how your baking supplies are doing as well as which ones need to be replenished. 

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