A dinner party, whether formal or informal in setting, is a great way to spend time with good friends, enjoy delicious food, and create wonderful memories while gathered around your dining table. Whether you are getting ready to host your first dinner party ever, or your first dinner party in your new home, Shop High Point has plenty of tips and ideas for you to make your event flow as smoothly as possible. Contact us to schedule your shopping tour.

No Untried Recipes

Regardless of your comfort level with hosting dinner parties, they are most definitely not the time to try out a new recipe. You may be excited to experiment with some new ingredients or flavor combinations, but just imagine that you are working through the recipe and discover that your food is supposed to marinate for two hours just 30 minutes before the guests arrive. Save yourself from potential stress and disappointment by preparing a tried and true recipe. If you are absolutely determined to make a recipe that you just came across, then take it for a test run by preparing it for yourself at least a few days before your dinner party. You want to have a good idea of what tasks are involved and the amount of time that you’ll need to prepare and serve it for your guests.

Prep in Advance

Not only should you start cooking with plenty of time to spare before your guests arrive, but you should also actually start preparing for your dinner party several days in advance. There is more than just the meal to prepare for when hosting a dinner party. Think about the dishes and linens that you want to use so that you can pair the right items to match your theme. For example, if you choose to use more traditional white dishes and linens, this will provide the opportunity to add in pops of color with your centerpieces, or even the napkin rings. Once you have decided on which linens to use, you can make sure that everything has been freshly laundered and ironed in time for setting the dining table for the party.

Make A Playlist

Planning music for the evening may not have occurred to you, as you will likely be focused more on the engaging conversation and laughter that will occur once everyone is gathered in your home. While those things will occur naturally, do not underestimate the importance of music. Music helps to set the tone for any environment, as well as provide a nice cover for those moments when there is a lull in conversation as everyone is eating. Think about one of your favorite restaurants and you will probably remember the type of music they play to create ambience. While there are a number of ways you can access music, from satellite radio to smart home devices, make sure that you have picked a kind of music that will help maintain the right atmosphere throughout the evening.

Dietary Restrictions

You probably are aware that some of your guests have dietary restrictions based on health needs or personal preference. While you want to make sure to be a gracious host, you don’t need to worry about trying to be a short order cook either. You are their friend, not their nutritionist. With that said, make sure to provide some options with the dishes you prepare. If you are known for your scrumptious shepherd’s pie, but some of your guests are vegetarians, then you will want to make sure that they are not limited to salad and wine. You can work towards a healthy balance of options for the dining table without trying to prepare separate dishes for each person. 

Make Dessert Ahead of Time

Dessert is the perfect end to any meal, no matter what season you’re in! One pro tip is to prepare your dessert ahead of time so that you can simply pop it in the oven to bake while you’re sitting down to dinner. If you prefer, a store-bought dessert will do just as well. Some people are amazing cooks, but don’t feel comfortable when it comes to baking. That is understandable, and with the amazing desserts that are made in grocery stores, you don’t need to worry about your dessert looking less than stellar. Since you’re already planning ahead by reading this article, why not call your local bakery or grocery store and custom order your dessert?

After acquiring your elegant dining table furniture from Shop High Point, we know that you will be excited to host a dinner party and show off your new dining table. From traditional furniture styles to mid-century modern and rustic, we will help you find the perfect furniture for your dining room. Call today to schedule your trip details and tour with Shop High Point.